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YU Kuan Huat YNH Scandal YU Syndicate leader

YNH Property Bhd Exposed: YU Syndicate’s Multi-Million Fraud Uncovered!

Discover the shocking truth behind the YU Syndicate's large-scale fraud in Kuala Lumpur, as leaked documents expose a web of deceit, illicit joint ventures, and vanished millions. Dive into the unraveling of this captivating scandal that has rocked Malaysia's financial landscape.
Triple-H Auto Parts SB Leaders Pictured from the Left: Yew Hock Meng, Yu Kuan Huat, Bing Tiam Ng

The Dark Side of YNH Property’s Financial Empire controlled by Undisclosed Insiders

YNH Property Bhd faces accusations of financial irregularities, incestuous business practices, and undisclosed insider transactions with Triple-H Auto Parts Sdn Bhd. Evidence mounts as the company remains silent, fueling suspicions of a cover-up.

Yu Syndicate swindled RM800 million from Rapid Synergy BHD in land scams

The Yu Syndicate, controlled by YU KUAN CHON and YU KUAN HUAT, swindled RM800 million from Rapid Synergy in land scams. Using puppet companies like YNH Property BHD and Rapid Synergy BHD, they accessed funds for fraudulent business operations.