At least 1,016 people in mainland China were reportedly killed by the novel coronavirus as of February 11. The figures clearly show that nCov has surpassed the number of deaths caused by the SARS pandemic in the early 2000s.

Reports said that Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) have killed 774 people and infected more than 8,000 in China and Hong Kong.

On February 10, the highest daily toll of the outbreak was recorded in China with 108 new deaths.

The National Health Commission also confirmed that more than 42,000 individuals in various countries are now infected with the virus.

With the continuing rise of deaths and infections caused by nCov, health authorities and experts have called for more decisive measures to combat the outbreak and reminded the public to follow prevention tips.

YouTube channel MedCram has shared vital information and updates about the coronavirus.

The site, founded by professional doctors, is trusted by thousands of medical students, clinicians, and Universities with over 20 million video views and counting.

MedCram has now published a total of 14 videos related to nCov which clearly demonstrates its symptoms, transmission, diagnosis and even possible treatment.

In the first video, Dr. Roger Seheult, MedCram’s co-founder who is currently an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of California and Loma Linda University, explained how the coronavirus kills using a virtual illustration of a tree so that viewers, even without medical background, can easily understand.

“There’s a recent article in the Lancet that showed that of 41 people that were admitted to the hospital, six of them died. And all of them were on ventilators and they died with something called ARDS (Acute respiratory distress syndrome), and ARDS is how the coronavirus kills,” he said.

The most recent video on the “coronavirus update” series showed Dr. Seheult’s lecture about the transmissibility of the virus.

He said that there were several individuals and health staff in China who only became infected after visiting a hospital with coronavirus patients which he called Nosocomial Infection.

“A total of 57 were patients who did not come to hospital with virus but picked it up there… There were health workers who went to work without coronavirus and picked it up taking care of patients at the hospital,” he furthered.

With this, he reiterated the importance of frequent handwashing with soap which should be done for 20 seconds or while singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice.

It is also necessary for health care workers to wear N95 masks and eyewear protections while patients who are suspected to have the infection are obliged to wear two types of masks.

“If you are suspicious that the person that you are about to examine has the coronavirus, and you’re a health care worker, they’re recommending N95 masks. If you suspect that the patient is the one that has the virus, they ought to be wearing a regular surgical mask in addition to the N95 masks,” he said.

The doctor concluded that China’s new hospital that is dedicated for treating nCov was built to avoid cross-infection with other people and have infrastructure in place to deal with.

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