Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sendirian Berhad said that the viral video showing a delivery man stealing slices of bread from the packaging was not taken in Malaysia.

The bread maker also clarified that the video is not new and has only resurfaced online months after the case has been resolved by Gardenia Philippines.

It was September last year when the video first went viral on social media site, Facebook, in the Philippines. The post was shared more than 45,000 times before it was taken down.

The case was immediately investigated by Gardenia Philippines which has a “totally different management and operations” from that in Malaysia.

It explained that the salesman was dealing with stocks scheduled for disposal and not the fresh stocks for deliveries. Accordingly, as part of the company’s freshness policy, unsold breads are pulled out from stores and are replaced with fresh stocks “every day of delivery.”

“Unfortunately, in this isolated case, the delivery man took out bread slices from pulled out loaves for his personal use. This is a violation of company rules and procedures,” Gardenia Philippines said in a statement.

The personnel who was caught on camera has since undergone administrative due process.

Meanwhile, Gardenia Malaysia on Thursday reiterated its commitment “to provide quality products and service through continuous innovation with the aim of maintaining customer satisfaction, efficient distribution as well as proper employee training on sales operations, including the proper way to handle products.”

It also encouraged the Malaysian citizens to stop the spread of misinformation and instead share the company’s official statement.

The company added that it is open for public comments or suggestions and may be directly reached through its email [email protected].

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