The Middle East’s messaging application called “Totok” is again available for download at the Google Play Store following the denial of spying accusations against it.

Last month, Apple and Google have removed the mobile app from their virtual platforms after The New York Times reported that it was used as a tool by the UAE government to spy details and conversations of its users.

ToTok, which allows free calls and texts in various countries, became one of the most downloaded apps with around five million downloads at the Google Play Store alone before it was removed. But reports claim that it was only promoted because of fake reviews.

NYT also claimed that Totok’s publisher, Breej Holding Ltd, has connections with intelligence and hacking firm in Abu Dhabi that is called DarkMatter.

ToTok allegedly deceived users with iPhones and Android gadgets into allowing access to their location, private data and even photos on their devices.

All these charges against the mobile app were denied by the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority saying that they strictly “prohibit any kind of data breach and unlawful interception.”

Totok has eagerly announced the good news on Twitter and said: “We are happy to inform you #ToTok is now available for download on the Google Play Store.”

As for the Apple Store, the app is still not available. 

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