The world’s two largest economies seem to be engaged in another battle, this time it’s not about trading, but about the purchase and delivery of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used to battle the Wuhan Coronavirus. 

As the United States grapples to deal with its shortage in supplies, many Americans shift to online buying from China’s retailing giant ALIExpress which is operated by the Alibaba Group and supplies wholesale and consumers globally. Until now.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the websites system blocks orders and shipments from US customers and do not accept payments made by the American customers, including those who have good credentials as long-time customers of ALI. Orders for masks, gloves, thermometers and other Medical supplies have all been similarly cancelled without a single reason from the management.

There are 1000’s of airplanes just sitting on the ground that could be moving supplies and emergency equipment around the globe.  Why are they still sitting around? 

As of March 31, the United States has the greatest number of confirmed Wuhan coronavirus cases totaling to 164,620 and growing.  These cases were all express delivered from Wuhan China.  It is a shame to see China can deliver the Wuhan Coronavirus better than it can Emergency Medical Supplies to save lives.  This figure manifests how desperately the Americans need these protective gears that only China can suffice due to it sufficient supplies.

Many Americans and people from around the globe now contend that China has a huge role in the fast-circulation of the infection using disinformation and censorship about the real scale of the Wuhan coronavirus.  Now they are intentionally blocking orders from the supply chain putting millions more at risk of infection.  Maybe Jack Ma wants AliExpress to take over as the world leader in discount Caskets and Urns. 

China seems to be playing an act to lure the people around the world because while it loudly shows good deeds to other countries by supplying them with protective equipment, it silently leaves others more at risk to the Wuhan Pandemic.

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